Steve Parker

Steve Parker Business Advisor

I’m a former local Business Bank Manager with over 27 years in the sector.

More recently a 2 year stint with a Local accountancy firm undertaking a business development role. Now helping e-factor champion the cause of local business in N.E.Lincolnshire. 

If you need help with your growing your business, or issues that stop you moving forward I can provide an independent honest appraisal of your needs.

With ability to understand and evaluate opportunities’ we can form a workable plan to help you achieve your business goals. 

I am currently working with the Greater Lincolnshire LEP Growth Hub to ensure that local businesses receive the best advice available.

Whether you are looking for funding to help grow your business, considering expanding your workforce, interested in supplying overseas markets or developing your manufacturing capability, my aim with all clients is to help them gain a clear understanding of their objectives and how they should go about achieving them through:

  • The use of diagnostic tools to highlight areas of concern and to identify and prioritise with the client specific improvements to be made to the business.
  • The development of comprehensive business plans and financial forecasting models to help clients formulate and implement successful growth strategies.
  • Liaising and working with alternative funders to provide clients with access to finance and the expertise to grow their businesses.
  • Helping clients review their products/services and gain a better understanding of the markets, competitors and innovations within their sector.